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Former hater

I was a former hater, you know one of those many trolls online. However, I was so much worst, I was like that in real life. Now, I’m trying to redeem myself.


Web Development

Place your digital footprint online. Your website is the most important part of your business in this digital world. 

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search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

A website is not of much use if no one can find it. Let me help you get in front of your potential customers.

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Video Production

Video is the best media to get across to your potential customers. Videos are crucial to a business survival.

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Audio Recording

Potential customer may be too busy, audio is the best way to get to them when they are multi-tasking.

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Content Marketing

Marketing will get your message from different media to your potential customers. 

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Social Media Marketing

Target your specific customer from across social media platforms.

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Calling out

I want to reach out to those that are/were hater and victims of hater. I want to share my experience to help overcome the hater complex and provide support for victims of haters. 

Upcoming Projects

I like working on many different projects at any given moment in time. If you’re interested in having me working on your project, shoot me an E-mail and we’ll go from there.

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